Many spend years dreaming about the engagement ring they would one day like to receive. When the time comes to choose an engagement ring, there are many factors to keep in mind.

One of the best ways to consider your options is to find out which ring style best suits your hand, and more specifically, which shaped diamond is the right choice for you and your style.

Many times, even those who have browsed through Pinterest to decide on a preference of style, will often find that their choice changes once they see how it looks on their hand. It is important to be mindful that just like purchasing an item of clothing, rings may appear and feel different when you try it on in real life.

Below are a few tips to assist you in choosing the best shape diamond for your ring:

1. The Diamond Size
Some ladies have their heart set on a large diamond. Those with petite hands should keep in mind that a larger diamond will look even larger on their hand.

2. Short Fingers vs Long Fingers
If you have short fingers, perhaps you are wishing to create the illusion of longer fingers? An elongated diamond shape looks great on a hand with shorter fingers. Styles such as pear-shaped, emerald cut and oval would work well for you. For those with longer fingers, shapes such as square or round or more obscure cuts such as a heart shape would look great on your hand.

3. Unsure of which style to pick for your Fiance?
Round brilliant diamonds are considered to be the most popular diamond style and are a great choice for most brides to be. Do you have a preference for styles which are classic and less likely to date? Then a round brilliant is also a great choice for you as this cut suits just about everyone.

4. What is your style?
When picking a ring, go with your gut in choosing a ring that feels like a good fit for you. Where possible, try on a variety of styles, cuts and shapes to guide you in making your final choice.